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Re: Libreoffice menu font sizes

songbird wrote:
> the font within the application is larger, but the menu fonts do not
> change.  not sure why either.  i may have broken something somewhere
> or the theme i'm using may not be working with that for some reason.
> what theme are you using?

I tried several themes in MATE, but they all work well.
The LO menu font changes immediately, even without restarting LO.

At the internet I see several people having the same issue.
"menu fonts to small in libreoffice 6"
"How to increase only LibreOffice horizontal menu font"
"How do I enlarge LibreOffice menu font?"
"libreoffice menu font too small"

You might find an answer there.
Do you have the libreoffice-gtk3 package installed??
If not, installing it might solve the issue.

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