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Re: fix for no ssh

On Lu, 08 iul 19, 09:06:33, Curt wrote:
> On 2019-07-08, Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > This was fixed before the release.
> What?

Is there something wrong with the current wording?
> > You are aware that the Release Notes are work in progress as long as the
> > corresponding Debian release is still in testing, right?
> How will the mistakes be fixed if no one points them out?

Yes, please! I'm sure you know how to use reportbug ;)
> >> misleading (if the entropy-starvation stanza had begun, "For those running
> >> services using the  getrandom() system call..." or something, I probably
> >> wouldn't be here cluttering the forum with my bullshit).
> > Patches welcome.
> >
> I've given them. Delete the erroneous stanza concerning the migration of
> inteface names, and begin the stanza concerning the critcial systemd bug
> as above (rephrases welcome).

I have no idea which daemons on my system are using getramdom().

Kind regards,

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