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Re: fix for no ssh

On Lu, 08 iul 19, 08:40:06, Curt wrote:
> I guess I would not be affected because I'm not running an entropy-hungry
> service (or any services at all), but what a PITA to have gone on this wild
> goose chase to finally find that out (if true). These release-notes for Buster,
> as they stand, are apparently both wrong (migration of interface names) and

This was fixed before the release.

You are aware that the Release Notes are work in progress as long as the 
corresponding Debian release is still in testing, right?

> misleading (if the entropy-starvation stanza had begun, "For those running
> services using the  getrandom() system call..." or something, I probably
> wouldn't be here cluttering the forum with my bullshit).

Patches welcome.

Kind regards,

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