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Re: From Buster RC2 to Buster stable

On Fri, 5 Jul 2019 13:08:26 +0300
aprekates <aprekates@posteo.net> wrote:

> I've installed Buster RC2. Do i have to do sth (except
> apt-get update / upgrade) when the official Buster is released?
> And before that. Is there a notion of upgrading to RC3 ?

If you use dist-upgrade instead of upgrade, you will automatically be
kept up-to-date with all Buster RCs as well as major "fixes" provided
your sources.list is correctly set. Unless it's been changed, this is
the recommended procedure when "upgrading" a release that's less than
Stable.  This is what I did when I first installed an late Wheezy RC.
Once it becames Stable, I switched to "upgrade" (for the most part).


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