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Buster, Supermicro 5036T (aka sbox), Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450 according
to lspci, RME Hammerfall sound card

I asked for help with this a few days ago and attached a screenshot to
show what my problem is. There've been no replies -- I guess graphics
are caught by a spam filter somewhere.

The problem is that, on sbox, alsamixer and aptitude are badly displayed
-- alsamixer so bad that it's not usable. The vertical lines in
alsamixer are broken into pieces and the pieces are offset a quarter of
an inch or so. The horizontals aren't broken, but their positions are
offset like the vertical pieces. Some of them.

I can't use my sound card without alsamixer. Aptitude's problems are
just a nuisance that I expect to see fixed RSN.

I hope that's enough to explain what's going on. If not, please say so,
and I'll put the screenshot on my website.

lynx is fine. And there are no difficulties with GUI stuff.

When I run one of these programs and 'ps aux' I see lynx or alsamixer or
aptitude, but no ncurses. I'm not sure what, if anything, that means.
But I expected to see ncurses.

The problem on sbox is fairly new. I don't know which update broke it
because I don't need the sound card very often. It worked since the
early alsa days and I didn't change anything, I promise.

Both problem programs are fine on the Dell laptop (also running Buster)
in the next room. When I SSH to the laptop and run alsamixer over there,
it's better on my screen, but not right. When I run alsamixer on sbox,
SSH to the laptop, and SSH back to sbox, it's unintelligible again on
the sbox screen.

I can't find anything remotely like this on the web.

At first I guessed something was wrong in Linux' Radeon driver. But I'm
not so sure anymore because lynx has no problems. But lynx doesn't try
to make pictures, and text is fine everywhere...

At a loss. Ideas?

Glenn English

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