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Re: ncurses?

On Ma, 02 iul 19, 17:45:32, ghe wrote:
> Buster, Supermicro 5036T (aka sbox), Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450 according
> to lspci, RME Hammerfall sound card
> The problem is that, on sbox, alsamixer and aptitude are badly displayed

Apparently "sbox" is the host name (or how you refer to it). It would be 
useful to be explicit about this, to avoid confusions.

> -- alsamixer so bad that it's not usable. The vertical lines in
> alsamixer are broken into pieces and the pieces are offset a quarter of
> an inch or so. The horizontals aren't broken, but their positions are
> offset like the vertical pieces. Some of them.

Is this in an terminal window under X or on the console?
Is "regular" shell output fine otherwise (e.g. 'ls -l') in xterms and/or 

My first recommendation is to make sure your locale and console is 
properly configured.

    dpkg-reconfigure locales
    dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

Kind regards,

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