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Re: Fwd: alternative Firmware for BMC's

rhkramer@gmail.com wrote: 
> I don't know how many people are aware of what the BMC is / does -- after a 
> little googling, my tentative understanding is that this is the "extra" 
> miroprocessor that is now included in some (Intel and maybe AMD?) CPUs?
> What are you trying to do with it?
> If you're setting up a computer that happens to have one of those, can you 
> just ignore it, or must it do something to allow the main CPU to run?

If you've got a motherboard-integrated BMC, it controls the
power-on and -off functions of the main computer, and has its
own network stack and can function as a console for the main

If you're lucky, it has a separate NIC port and you can either
isolate that to a private network or keep it unplugged.

If you're unlucky, it implements a local switch to hijack
another motherboard NIC port and you need to take affirmative
control of it, including allocating it an IP address and using
a firewall to prevent access to it.


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