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Re: Document removal of ecryptfs-utils from Buster

On 2019-06-30, Andrea Borgia <andrea@borgia.bo.it> wrote:
> Il 30/06/19 11:52, Curt ha scritto:
>> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=928956
>>   Due to #765854 ecryptfs-utils has been removed from Buster.
>>   The kernel module (ecryptfs.ko) is still built but depending on the
>>   upgrade path users will be unable to mount their encrypted home
>>   directories (pam module, ecryptfs-mount-private missing).
>>   So they should probably be strongly advised to not upgrade.
> Should I count myself lucky that I have two systems running "testing" 
> with also "stable" sources? Perhaps it's time to mark the package as 
> "hold" :)
> I'd be interested to know if there is an alternative: not so much for my 
> desktop but my laptop really needs it. Thanks for the heads up, though.

I haven't yet investigated the alternatives. 

I guess I will be rolling back the encryption and purging the
incriminated software. I have nagging doubts about my encrypted swap and
whether I need to roll that back, too. I guess I will.

Another, less serious, gotcha for those inveterate upgraders and newbies
who don't read the release notes is that
'/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules' is no longer a valid
mechanism for defining device names. This mechanism (automagically)
permitted users upgrading from Wheezy to Stretch (where the old-style
names were deprecated) to continue using their obsolete, legacy
interface names (eth0, anyone?).  

Me, I migrated to the new-fangled denominations as per the instructions
at the link below to obviate the eventual loss of network connectivity,
which is a bummer when you don't what you're doing and all the help
available is at the other end of the severed wire.


The Wanderer and other recalcitrants allergic to progress (just kidding)
can still resort to the 'net.ifname=0 kernel' command line option for

> Regards,
> Andrea.

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