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Re: apt-get install refuses to installs older versions of dependencies

On Mon 01 Jul 2019 at 13:45:30 (+0000), Fabian peter Hammerle wrote:
> > Presumably by employing the same method that linux-image uses:
> > by moving/copying the version number into the packages' names,
> > foo-1 and foo-2.
> Thanks for your suggestion
> We are using CI/CD pipelines that deploy multiple versions / debian packages per day.
> So appending version suffixes to packages names would make our package lists hard to read.
> ```
> $ apt search ^foo
> foo-1.0.0
> foo-1.0.1
> foo-1.0.2
> foo-1.1.0
> ...
> foo-1.999.0

If these versions of foo have to be paired up with corresponding
versions of bar, then I think you have to delve into the business
of Breaks:, Conflicts: and Replaces: as well as just Depends:, so
that you get the correct one installed, upgraded, or removed under
the appropriate circumstances.


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