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Re: Why choose Debian on server

On Sun 06 Jan 2019 at 18:13:58 -0600, David Wright wrote:


> BTW if this Screenshot method is meant to yield a "printable"
> document, I haven't yet figured out how to print it sensibly.
> $ lp -d PDF very-long-image.png   gives me the image on one page,
> and looks, as it happens, like the sort of output that FF sometimes
> gives when printing articles: a narrow column of minute text.

To nitpick, the claim was that the Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange page
was printable. Whether the marks on paper satisfied a user in all
regards wasn't touched on until now.

For me, printing the screen image obtained from my chosen page from
the Print Preview of FireFox gave an acceptable output with a Custom
Scale. It helped to choose Landscape mode.

'lp -d.....' benefits from fiddling with the scaling= option and from

For a screenshot, the mouse right-click is a more straightforward way
than the other method.


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