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Re: Fwd: Upgrade Problem

Nicolas George wrote:

> It really is not, because the resources invested in the old computer are
> wasted (unless somebody gets it and recycles it). It is the same scheme
> than in Chaplin's _The Kid_: breaking a window to let a glazier sell a
> new one.
> Alas, the idiotic way most people evaluate the economy, the GDP, often
> makes it seem that kind of thing is good. But according to the GDP,
> being stuck in traffic is good for the economy.
> Regards,

I asked why he does not reinstall, but didn't get meaningful answer - only,
I can not do it and it takes too much time.

One can not argue with educated people, so I gave up.
This is just an example how it works for most of the people. I am sure if he
were working for the money he spends, he were reinstalling.

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