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Re: File ownership problem using removeable media

On 12/25/18 8:06 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
On 12/24/2018 05:50 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:

The discussion so far has caused me to wonder if I have been conflating symptoms. I think I've an idea of how to test for that -- more later.

Preliminary tests indicate that is likely.
I will have to get some new flash drives to track my tests.
Linux intrinsically assumes one machine has multiple users.
In *MY* case, one user has multiple machines.

I also have multiple instances of Debian installed on a physical machine. I routinely want something from another partition - Debian requires root access for that. I'm wondering if some of my chaos/confusion stems from copying data from that partition to a flash drive.

I have had multiple x86 computers since ~1995, each running various operating systems (via multiple-boot, multiple OS drives, and/or virtualization). I also suffered with sneaker-net for many years.

I put my machines on a LAN around ~1997 and added Samba sometime thereafter.

I discovered CVS around ~2001 and set up one one machine as a CVS server. CVS allows me to check-in files on one machine with one operating system as one user, check-out those same files on other machine(s) with whatever operating system as whatever user, and then check-in any updates back to the server. CVS takes care of three-way merges, EOL translation, permissions, user and group ownership, etc.. The key is to do a 'cvs update' before I make the first change and a 'cvs commit' after I make the last.

Between networking, Samba, and CVS, I have solved almost all of my sneaker-net use-cases with simple and robust operations. What remains is contrib/ non-free firmware for Debian installs and transfers to/ from non-networked machines.


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