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Re: File ownership problem using removeable media

Am 23.12.18 um 13:51 schrieb Richard Owlett:
> I use USB drives to transfer files between systems (sneakernet).
> All systems have only one user(richard). It was created during installation.
> The drives are either ext2 or ext4 formatted.
> All files were in /user/richard on source machine

Are you sure, that USB device is also in an ext format?
What does the 'mount' command report for that USB device?

> They _often_ [but not always] are seen as owned by 'root', not 'richard', by the destination system.
> Why? I assume it is me in some manner.

What are the numerical UID's for that user?

> What do I have to do to guarantee absolutely that any file/directory from /home/richard is seen by destination system as owned by 'richard'?
> What should I have read?

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