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Re: File ownership problem using removeable media

On 12/23/2018 03:25 PM, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
On Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 05:46:17PM +0000, mick crane wrote:
On 2018-12-23 17:10, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:


And you do that after each and every mount?

-- tomás
well no, I didn't read properly and was trying to be helpful without
understanding what the problem was

I asked because the original poster moves the file system on USB from
one system to another. It might be that the user with the same name
has different UIDs on the different systems -- we don't know. In this
case, he'll be fighting the system...

The last time I checked the UIDs were the same.
I'll double check the two systems involved later today.
Each time I do an install I:
  1. allow booting as root.
  2. create user using identical name.
The original idea being to have nearly identical systems when I was comparing the usability of several desktops and some configuration options.

The discussion so far has caused me to wonder if I have been conflating symptoms. I think I've an idea of how to test for that -- more later.

I'll also read up on "sticky bit" to see if that is related to my situation.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.

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