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Re: do you find old firefox is better than new one?

Joe wrote:

> So many pages now have little or no functionality unless you permit half
> a dozen scripts to run, many of them written by idiots who can just
> barely drive a web authoring package. Look at the page source: 90% of
> it is font commands, workarounds for many different rendering engines
> and screen sizes, and other housekeeping stuff, and half the rest is JS
> calls. I write the odd web application for my own use, and I do it
> (usually) in php with embedded HTML. No web designer would ever
> consider doing that, he wants to dash off rubbish in the shortest time
> possible, and he assumes everyone is using the same browser, on a
> high-powered workstation, that he uses for testing.

Many of them even do not know what is the source they produce. Don't blame
them - they use kind of tools that generate the code. All is getting
automated and at the cost of data transfer and processing.
As of PHP ... I found symfony framework, spent some time to learn it and ...
much better now.


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