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Re: Debian on Phone as webserver

Marek Mosiewicz wrote:

> In fact there is no need for GUI software as it will bloat RAM. SSH
> access is enough. Ok you can have fancy GUI for traffic analytics and
> system status monitoring just on your "server".

Come on, you again with brilliant ideas :)
I can not give you a few lines introduction to the complexity hidden in your
idea. But let me try to put it short. To run somethign on a hardware, you
need drivers. Most of the OEMs (still) do not provide sufficient
information or right to develop drivers ... so you see - you can not just
run debian on something that does not work with linux.

I give you some homework: Do some research on this topic including nokia N9
and the mer project and other projects from the past (i.e. ubuntu and
mozilla). All of them tried to do OS for a phone and were killed -
basically failed miserably and no one wanted to use those devices.

There are many community efforts to run FSOS on some phones. I am aware of
couple of such from the Mer project (Sailfish).

Please do some research and try to build up background on the topic. I read
exciting discussion with pleasure.

So why don't you get yourself a Raspberry with whatever extention you want
(i.e. WiFi) and your idea becomes reality with very little effort. You can
even have a gui on it - it runs debian just fine.

PLS, don't take it personal. I am trying to move you to start
reading/researching by yourself before you start asking, well let me say it
politely, rhetoric questions.

kind regards

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