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Re: Low-Cost Tablet PC suitable for Debian

Forgotten one thing:

It can be also an Open-Frame PanelPC, because I have BIG LiPoly cells
of 6Ah and 12Ah availlable and can also build my own housing.

Adv.:    I have Serial Ports, more USB, can have an attached heating
         element... Direct CD/DVD support...

DisAdv.: Need external USB/Serial GSM/3G Modem and mostly USB-Wifi
         adapter.  Higher Power consumption, but it does not realy
         matter, because I have everywhere 24V DC availlable from
         Solar- and Windenergy...

So I need generally:

1)  2-4 USB ports
2)  Serial RS232/485 port
3)  Ethernet
4)  Wifi
5)  GSM/3G
6)  Touchscreen
7)  Possibel external keyboard
8)  Mouse/Trackball

Note: I can not get my BananaPI (because it has CAN) with
      a big 1920x1280 12" touchscreen Display running ...
      Otherwise it is just perfect for its 38?.

Am 2018-12-12 hackte Michelle Konzack in die Tasten:
> Hello *,
> I am searching for my farm works an inexpensive (In the summer
> it is so dusty here, that nothing realy survive, including my
> ThinkPad T400 from which I have bought 6 pieces and currently
> using the 3rd one) TabletPC 10-12".
> However, all 10" TabletPC I have found on AlibabaExpress are nice,
> They have this stupd MTK CPUs on which I can not install Debian.
> Does anyone know a TabletPC with 10-12" Size, Wifi, GSM/3G and
> on which I can install Debian from DVD or external TF Card?
> Note:  Of course I could use Android and then my self programmed
>        Web-Apps, but then the Wifi is the limiting factor and my
>        measuring devices are not working as expected with Android,
>        because I can not transfer the data from the Android-Apps
>        into my Web-Apps...  :-/
>        Another thing is, that ALL Android VERSIONS are calling
>        home and transfering unknown data... which is inacceptable!
>        Also my prefered Programs do not exist in suitable
>        conditions on Android.
> Thanks in advance
> Michelle

Michelle Konzack

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