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Re: question about usb socket on front panel

Thank Ben for your expert advice!
the usb port can work with wireless adapter though it can't work with wireless mouse

i won't open case and troubleshoot usb connection, it's inconvenient. on the whole my pc works fine, and it has more usb ports at the back.

On Wednesday, December 12, 2018 11:39 AM, Ben Caradoc-Davies <ben@transient.nz> wrote:

On 12/12/2018 14:04, Long Wind wrote:

> sorry! this question isn't linux specific
> there are two usb sockets on front panel of pc casethey appear same, but really are notwireless mouse can only be connected to one of them
> could you tell me their difference? Thanks!

Bad connection on one port? USB front ports are often connected to the
motherboard by a pair of internal cables. A bad connection would prevent
the mouse from working. This could be caused by a flipped internal
connector, loose connection, or bad cable. A flipped connection can
prevent booting by shorting 5V to ground.

Do other USB devices work on the port that does not work with the mouse

Sometimes USB ports differ by speed (blue for USB 3, black for USB up to
2), or permit USB charging (lightning bolt symbol, supports higher
current). Neither should affect a wireless mouse, because it is a low
speed device, unless the mouse adapter just will not work with a hub at
using a particular specification. The hub is internal and typically on
the motherboard. The front USB ports I have seen are connected to the
same hub so I would expect both to work or neither.

Kind regards,

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