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Re: Making a modal window

On Sun 09 Dec 2018 at 21:33:21 -0800, Rusi Mody wrote:

> [J Arun Mani]
> Look up kiosk instead of DM maybe?
> eg https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Kiosk
> [Gene/Brian] Yeah I find your surprise surprising...
> All operating systems (except MSDOS!) have a detailed notion of
> protection levels, the basic point being that all users are NOT equal.
> And OS progress happens when this notion is refined more and more. For
> example we have users and groups then we have ACL and cgroups and
> other more modern zany stuff I don't understand pretend to understand!
> All having the basic requirement (like the OP) that some users be
> prevented from doing some things that they very much would want to do
> egs
> 1 Try removing youtube from android
> Phone and you will find it's not possible.
> 2 I used to teach computer science at the university. And at a time
> when a single large mini was shared by all there was this dilemma:
> Give students root access and have them learn about operating systems
> but putting  other people's stuff at jeopardy. Or let them be ordinary
> users and not be able to try out things at the OS level.
> 3 Parent doesn't mind child breaking the computer but would not like
> child to visit certain websites

It wasn't any plan for layers of secutity which surprised me but
the desire to add to the existing username/password login scheme
with extra (unspecified) questions. It seems there is nothing to
be gained from this approach.

Furthermore, the OP specified

  > ...whenever someone opens their computer

and I took "opens" to mean "switches on", which might mean having
to look at what existing DMs have in the way of this functionality
and of running another program. I believe lightdm can run scripts
at login time.

And, of course, there is always the opportunity to have an extra
question via a GRUB password.

(I hope this response raises my score above the recently awarded


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