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Re: Making a modal window

Sending the mail back to the list.

J.Arun Mani wrote: 
> Thanks for your reply.
> Actually the app I'm developing is for school's computer lab. In our school's computer lab, if someone wants access the computer, they should make a entry in a register stating the name, purpose, upto the time they want to use.
> I'm making the same app in a computer for the computer. No user should be able to use the computer without filling the form. We can assume normal computer users and not so of advanced level.
> Can you help? Isn't there any way with Linux terminal commands which freezes the application's window?

Well, you've got their name from their login, so you don't need
to gather that information again.

You can gather the actual time that they used the computer
without their intervention from the logs.

That leaves "purpose", which will be filled out by half the
students as "class work" and the other half as "rberbwbbe"
or other keyboard mashing.

Preventing use of the computer is a difficult problem: see the
discussion here:


which gives me an idea:


Make xscreensaver start at login time, and add your application
via "xscreensaver -command watch". It's less ridiculous than
many other notions.


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