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Re: Making a modal window

On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 11:24:33AM +0000, Brian wrote:
> It wasn't any plan for layers of secutity which surprised me but
> the desire to add to the existing username/password login scheme
> with extra (unspecified) questions.

Dan Ritter's reply included some off-list clarification from the OP:

> Actually the app I'm developing is for school's computer lab. In our
> school's computer lab, if someone wants access the computer, they
> should make a entry in a register stating the name, purpose, upto the
> time they want to use.           
> I'm making the same app in a computer for the computer. No user should
> be able to use the computer without filling the form. We can assume
> normal computer users and not so of advanced level. 

As Dan pointed out, you should be able to determine the user's name from
their login information and the duration of the session is also logged
automatically, so that really just leaves the "purpose" as the only
thing which still needs to be collected separately.

Dave Sherohman

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