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Re: Setting up a chroot on a Jessie system to compile a program using sid

On 08.12.2018 19:21, rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
Ahh, ok, then that is almost surely what I'll try at least at first.

Looking ahead, if I later want to experiment with real VMs, do they need to be 
on separate partitions or can they also just be in separate folders?

And if they can be in separate folders, would there be any reason to consider 
putting them on separate partitions?

When you will be creating a real VM, let's assume by using KVM and GUI program called "virt-manager", among the other settings, you will be offered to choose a location folder and a file that will be used as virtualized hard drive inside VM. Size of that file is also customizable, so for an example you can create 4 such files 10Gb in size each and inside running VM they will be seen as 4 separate physical 10Gb HDDs.
Any real VM is basically consists of a hardware configuration profile and a virtual hard drive image(s).

I can think of a few reasons when separating virtual hard drive images on different physical disks could be useful, but in case of simple experimentation with VMs there is no reason to do that. You can even pile them up in one folder with different names and use them as is, as long as you have free space on physical partition for them to expand.
With kindest regards, Alexander.

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