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Re: Setting up a chroot on a Jessie system to compile a program using sid

On Saturday, December 08, 2018 02:59:15 AM Alexander V. Makartsev wrote:
> You are over-complicating things. 

I can believe that ;-)

> You can build chroot in just a
> separate folder using debootstrap.

Ahh, ok, then that is almost surely what I'll try at least at first.

Looking ahead, if I later want to experiment with real VMs, do they need to be 
on separate partitions or can they also just be in separate folders?

And if they can be in separate folders, would there be any reason to consider 
putting them on separate partitions?

> chroot is not fully fledged VM in meaning of hardware abstraction. It is
> just a way to make files (executables, libraries, settings) inside a
> folder "/opt/chroot-sid-amd64/" *believe* they are in "/".
> So if you change some settings inside chroot "/etc/" they will actually
> be changed in "/opt/chroot-sid-amd64/etc/". This is why chroot is
> convenient to try things, install tons of -dev and dependency packages
> without cluttering or breaking actual working system.
> I recommend to read manuals for "debootstrap" and also "schroot" can
> make creating multiple chroot-ed environments more straight forward,
> eliminating the need to setup some settings manually, such as bind mount
> system partitions like "/sys" into chroot.

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