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Re: Setting up a chroot on a Jessie system to compile a program using sid

On 08.12.2018 8:36, rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
This is sort of a continuation of the thread started with the post 
"Recommendation for Virtual Machine and Instructions to set it up?" 


Aside: the programmer has been able to send me a binary which does work on my 
Jessie system, but, never-the-less, I plan to start experimenting with either 
a chroot or VM environment to run either sid or a recent Ubuntu release so 
that I can compile / build the binary myself.

The machine I want to do this on does not have any unallocated partitions / 
disk space.  There are two partitions, currently used for other purposes, that 
I could free up to use for the chroot (or, later, VM) by moving files around.

The Question:

One of the partitions I could free up is 16 GB, the other is 54 GB -- I'd 
rather free up and use the smaller one, but I'm wondering if that will be big 

You are over-complicating things. You can build chroot in just a separate folder using debootstrap.
chroot is not fully fledged VM in meaning of hardware abstraction. It is just a way to make files (executables, libraries, settings) inside a folder "/opt/chroot-sid-amd64/" *believe* they are in "/".
So if you change some settings inside chroot "/etc/" they will actually be changed in "/opt/chroot-sid-amd64/etc/". This is why chroot is convenient to try things, install tons of -dev and dependency packages without cluttering or breaking actual working system.
I recommend to read manuals for "debootstrap" and also "schroot" can make creating multiple chroot-ed environments more straight forward, eliminating the need to setup some settings manually, such as bind mount system partitions like "/sys" into chroot.

With kindest regards, Alexander.

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