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Re: librecad

On 12/7/18 10:50 AM, Joe wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Dec 2018 19:46:42 -0500
> Gene Heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> wrote:
>> On Thursday 06 December 2018 17:48:21 hdv@gmail wrote:
>>> Some time ago I tried LibreCAD as well and soon had to conclude
>>> there were too many issues with it to proceed. Meanwhile I've
>>> adopted QCAD (the Pro version)   
> I've found a couple of things that aren't quite right in LibreCAD, but
> not serious ones. I used the free QCAD up to the point of the fork, and
> it was really quite buggy for a long time. The zoom went wild at some
> magnifications, among other things. I jumped to LibreCAD when it
> appeared and I'm reasonably happy with it. All the bad QCAD bugs were
> fixed long ago, and I would assume they are fixed in QCAD now, if only
> by porting from LibreCAD. I do only use it occasionally, maybe twelve
> hours a year, so it may be much more irritating to a heavy user.

I am happy that I managed to escape that.  ;-)

I've been using QCAD for almost 2 years now (started with 3.16). The fork was a
long time before that. Maybe that was time enough to resolve a lot of the
issues? My impression was/is that development on LibreCAD has somewhat stalled.
I might be mistaken on that. Anyway, when I tested it it had a fair share of
issues that made me look for an alternative.

QCAD has been improving steadily during the time I've used it. On the other
hand, I am no "power user", thus it might be that I just didn't encounter the
things you've had to deal with. In the end it could be a matter of tastes if you
prefer LibreCAD over QCAD or the other way around. Some people like the latter
more, and others the first. For example, I prefer the UI of QCAD over that of
LibreCAD (even if both of them are derived from the same AutoCAD-type of
interface). I don't think it matters a lot. The problems using LibreCAD and the
lack thereof when I tried QCAD made me switch, because that mattered to me. I
needed to crank out some drawings and didn't want to struggle to do it. I am
sure there will be people that had the exact opposite experience and choose

If I had to make an estimate I think I might have spent about 250 hours using it
to draw aerospace and industrial machinery parts. Lately I've started using it
more for myself (to draw plans for woodworking projects). There were some minor
quirks, but nothing major. Luckily. However, I haven't tried the CAM stuff yet.
So I can't vouch for that, as I simply don't know how good it is.

Grx HdV

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