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Re: 100Base-FX (SC) card PCI/PCIe

Good morning,

Am DATE hackte AUTHOR in die Tasten: Joe
> On Fri, 9 Nov 2018 12:40:03 +0200
> "Michelle Konzack" <linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net> wrote:
>> Gigabit, as someone sugested, would require OM4 cables which are
>> twice as expensive and also the Networkcards and switches.
> How much is single-mode fibre? The cheapest single-mode SFPs are
> 1.25GB/s, and the fibre will handle sixteen 3GB/s signals optically
> multiplexed, if not more. I've been out of it for four or five years.

A 100m Earthcabel OM4 for 1 GBit (mimited to 550m) cost around 280?,
while an OM3 Earthcable for 100Base-FX with Duplex SC connectors cost
only 90?.

Also I have 8 Microsense Switches (1x 100Base-FX, 7x 100Base-TX) which
you can get on eBay for less then 30?/piece including shipping.

The TP-Link MC100CM Media Converter (100Base-TX->100Base-FX with
Dupex SC) cost less then 32?/piece (Brandnew with waranty) directly
at TP-Link on eBay or lesser (refurbished) from other sellers.  I
got 3 of them in Germany for 47? including DHL shipping to Estonia.

Need still 3 Media Converters more and maybe 2-3 spare.

Doing this with GBit would cost more then 3000? in total because of
the very expensive OM4 Earthcabel.

Also a 1GBit Network card cost roughly 140? in Germany.  In Estonia
it is out of question to buy it (200?).

Oh, to isolate the Serverbunker from the IP-Cams, the ALCASA
Elektronik AG offerd me OM3 Earthcable with 8 Fasern (???) and
on each end 4 Duplex SC Connectors, which I can put immediately
into the ground to the Portal of my Farm.  This Allow me to install
immediately the first Microsense Switch with the SIP Interphone and
the first IP-Cam plus a Siemns LOGO! 2BA8.

For the IP-Cams on the street corners on the Farm I would then need
only the Duplex SC Adapter and continue with 100-150m Fiber Patchkabel.

Next year I can continue with another 200m Patchcable for the forest
for which I need to slice the street an need an authorisation, but
after the winter this is no problem, because it is only a 8t light
street which is repaired after each winter (do not ask, why estonians
do this)

I hope, I get all prices together in the next days

Thanks in advance

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400

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