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100Base-FX (SC) card PCI/PCIe

Good day *,

I am running on my Organic Farm and my Forest into problems with the
lenght (100m) of Ethernet cables and want to use now for this case
Fiber Multimode 1310nm cables.

So what I have is following:

1) Server "Bunker" (19" 16U Rack, 2 Mini-ITX Server, 4G-Router,
   Astra-Internet Switch, currently 8-port D-Link GreenSwitch, UPS)

2) House (30m distance to second D-Link GreenSwitch)
3) Workspace (20m distance, will get maybe an additional D-Link 5-port
4) (Winter-)Greenhouse (60m distance for Siemens LOGO!)
5) Powerstation (20m distance, Victron Color Control GX, Siemens LOGO!,
   requires 2 cable or also an another D-Link 5-port GreenSwitch)

So this can be done with 12m thick Ethernet Earthcables which I get
for under 0,50?/m

6) Panorama IP cam with remote controll installed on my big Windmill
   mast (100Base-TX, 110m distance)

Best option to connect 6)?

7) 1 IP cam (100Base-TX) with Interphone in 50m distance
   here I can also use an Ethernet cable and then using a Eternet/Fiber
   switch to connect

and from 7)

8) 2 IP cams (100Base-TX) in 40m distance
9) 2 IP cams (100Base-TX) in 80m distance
10) 2 IP cams (100Base-TX) in 140m distance

In 2020 we plan a Stall (160m distance) for our animals which should
get also an IP cam and an IP based Interphone (SIP?)

In 4-5 years we plan a second House which in a distance of arround

For the IP cams I can get very cheap the TP-Link MC100CM on which I
can attach a small temperature controlled heating element (Estonia
can be cold as -40°C on our farm). The LevelOne IEC-4001 would be
nicer, but the price is GRMPF!

Fiber SC cables I can get up to 400m preconfigured, so this is no

The question is now, how to connect all best together?

The two Mini-ITX Servers have no free PCI/PCEe ports available,
hence only Ethernet direct or the MX100CM is an option

Now I need a Fiber Singel-Mode SC Switch and (maybe) Network Cards
for my Workstations where two have PCI and PCIe slots.

Which 100Base-FX/SC Switch and Card can you recommend?

Note: Since I have NO AC-Power availlable, the Switches MUST HAVE
      external power supplies (5-24V DC)

I found on eBay the Microsens MS453111 very cheap (I can buy some
spare too; however, the Microsens Website <http://www.microsens.cn>
does not more work since some time) but I would probably need in my
"Bunker" a Switch which has 12-16 Eternet ports and 3-4 SC ports.

Also the power consumption does matter because Of the solar- and
windenergy systems

My old 3Com 100Base-FX (PCI) cards have unfortunately only
Singel-Mode hence I need new stuff for my 4 Workstations.

Thanks in advance

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400

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