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Re: Raid 0

On ter, 06 nov 2018, Finariu Florin wrote:
Somebody can help me with some information about why I can not see the Raid0 created in bios? I have a motherboard EPC602D8A with 2 chipsets: Intel C602 (Sata 2 x 4, Sata 3 x 2) and Marvell SE9172 (Sata 3 x 2). I create in BIOS a Raid0 on Marvel and another Raid0 on Intel C602. When I start installation of OS in the section 'detect disk' it's show me nothing ask me to verify if the SSDs are connected. When I install OS with no Raid partition it see all SSDs I have plugged. I verified all SSDs one by one all cables too but nothing... So how can I see the Raids created in Bios? Is something else should I do to be able to see them? I tried on RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, Kubuntu but the same thing!

It's the third time you've asked this. I'm assuming you're not subscribed to the list. You'd better subscribe in order to view the replies: https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/

Or at least look for replies in the web archives at that same address. But please don't keep reposting the same question.

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