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Some things related to installation medias

Hi folks,


there are some things, appearing during installation, I I want to mention.


1. On the installation medias (debian/stable) are always the kernels of the stable repository. However, it appears from time to time, that hardware on actual notebooks are not supported by the installation kernel, but are supported by a newer kernel.


IMO there should be always the actual and released stable kernel for installation in debian/stable. With "a stable kernel" is a kernel meant, which is released by Linus Torvalds.


Is there any reason, why there is installed an old kernel (with probably security holes or unpatched things)? Just a question.....


2. The other thing, which I ran into, was, that for net based installation I needed the firmware for the wireless card. The package was firmware-iwlwifi.

This package was neither on the netinst-iso, nor on the 9.5-DVD-iso.

The only reason, why it is not on the installation media , might be a problem with the license. But behaving so, makes an installation very difficult.

IMO these very necessary packages should (more MUST) exist on a installation media.


Of course, you can say, get the firmware and put it on an usb-stick, however, this is very uncomfortable. And do not forget about newbies: I doubt, they will be able to solve the problem!


Please apologize, I know, that I may be wrong. But I just wanted to mention this, as these points should IMHO really improved. So see this mail just as a feedback and a suggestion, whatever. Don't be anger.


Thanks for reading this!


Best regards



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