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Re: debian-9.5.0-amd64-xfce-CD-1.iso missing files for install without mirror

On 2018-11-06 09:03, Curt wrote:
On 2018-11-05, Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> wrote:
On Mon, Nov 05, 2018 at 09:11:46PM +0100, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
PS : aren't you confusing "netinst" with "netboot", which requires a
network connection to a mirror ?

There used to be bootable business card netinst images that had almost
nothing other than the kernel and the installer, and needed a mirror to get even a minimally functional system. I think the kernel+installer got
too porky for those images in the last couple of releases.

I never knew what a bootable business card was so I avoided those.

they are a little less bulky than a USB stick, CD drives have the smaller ledge they fit but at 32Mb small for something that works. Slitaz still fits on one I think

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