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Re: Upgrading with a low data cap

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 15 October 2018 05:09:05 David wrote:
> [...]
> And the best of both worlds is had buy investing in a good router, useing 
> to to Native Address Translation between the dhcp supplied address your 

NAT = "Network Address Translation" ;)

> ISP gives the router when it connects to the modem, to an address range 
> that is not forwarded to the internet except by explicit instructions in 
> the routers setup, assuming its been reflashed with dd-wrt. Thats the 

No need for "reflashed with dd-wrt", that's exactly what a brand new
"all-in-one gateway" from Linksys, etc. will do out of the box (granted,
one may prefer to use *wrt for other reasons).

> [...]
>> In the Debian installer you simply choose to use DHCP (if you have a
>> ISP router modem that provides it) or specify some simple static
>> network address values. The installer does the rest. Or you can do it
>> yourself later, it's simple.
> And very insecure. The NAT and firewall in the router is the best 
> security you can put in a single common point between you and the black 
> hats. You don't need the hassle of local to local firewalls, only 
> between you and the black hats in the far east.

Sure, running a box directly connected to the 'net with no firewall
isn't the greatest idea -- but a few iptables rules, and your PC is
doing exactly what you keep telling everyone to use dd-wrt for ;).

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