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Re: Upgrading with a low data cap

On 10/10/2018 08:01 AM, Alexandre Rossi wrote:

Something just brought to mind apt-offline. The introductory paragraph
in the man page states:

apt-offline brings offline package management functionality to Debian
based system. It can be used to download packages and its dependencies
to be installed later on (or required to update) a disconnected machine.
Packages can be downloaded from a different connected machine.

Don't know how suitable it would be FOR ME. However studying its use may
prompt questions &/or answers I haven't thought about.

From looking at the source[1], apt-offline seems to be looking in the
local cache first before fetching files from the Web.

[1] https://github.com/rickysarraf/apt-offline/blob/master/apt_offline_core/AptOfflineCoreLib.py#L1231


I'm not a programmer. I had just recalled bits of the used docs I had read a couple of years ago.

I was guessing that when the transfer device was connected to system with internet connectivity, something similar to a cache was created on it to be read by the disconnected system.

I've not had a chance to research as my ISP had a failure and I've not had internet for several days.

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