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Re: Upset with debian performance

Mask The Truth God wrote:

> I just got done doing a fresh install of debian 9.5 stable, I enjoyed it
> at first and then followed instructions from long time debian users and
> installed all of the necessary drivers and firmware ect....  after i got
> everything installed it seemed to be working great untill I started up
> firefox. This was one of the first major performance problems that came
> about. Every time i would watch a youtube video or view a twitch stream it
> would work for a second  but then the video would glitch and skip around
> along with audio glitching from seconds ago repeating itself. (more with
> the live streams on twitch than the youtube videos but they still are
> glitchy too but not as much as the twtich) Also in firefox every time i
> scroll firefox would be  laggy and choppy. I then installed Opera to check
> and see if it was possibly caused by a corrupted firefox and opera behaved
> the exact same. The same choppy scrolling also happened when I installed
> discord to the system when i would scroll in the discord chats. To rule
> out the obvious here I have a well tested eithernet cable that works great
> with all my other systems so that is not the isssue.

Did you try with firefox downloaded directly from mozilla?
Did you try it with fresh user?


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