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Upset with debian performance

To anyone with an exceptional understanding of the debian OS (mainly directed to Developers)

I am quite upset with the performance I have been getting from my debian system since I have downloaded it. I will try to explain in as much detail as I can so if it is possible someone might be able to change my mind and make me keep debian as my daily driver then it might happen.

I just got done doing a fresh install of debian 9.5 stable, I enjoyed it at first and then followed instructions from long time debian users and installed all of the necessary drivers and firmware ect....  after i got everything installed it seemed to be working great untill I started up firefox. This was one of the first major performance problems that came about. Every time i would watch a youtube video or view a twitch stream it would work for a second  but then the video would glitch and skip around along with audio glitching from seconds ago repeating itself. (more with the live streams on twitch than the youtube videos but they still are glitchy too but not as much as the twtich) Also in firefox every time i scroll firefox would be  laggy and choppy. I then installed Opera to check and see if it was possibly caused by a corrupted firefox and opera behaved the exact same. The same choppy scrolling also happened when I installed discord to the system when i would scroll in the discord chats. To rule out the obvious here I have a well tested eithernet cable that works great with all my other systems so that is not the isssue. 

The second biggest problem with debian is the audio control. I have written about this before about a week ago when i was still trying to have hope and configure everything and since ive installed AMD firmware and the drivers it has gone down a lot but it still will make the awful hissing noise i complained about before (i will put this description at the bottom of this email for anyone who did not see my email a week ago about that problem) 

as I work a lot with music production and video streaming These problems are major for me and are making me think of just giving up and switching to Manjaro. 

I still think Debian is a solid OS but from what I am witnessing it seems If i am very concerned with perfect audio for music recording and streaming videos with no glitching then maybe debian is not meant for what I need and i should switch to something more modern and aimed at being used as an every day system like Manjaro?

Here is the USB audio problem I am having: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/terrible-audio-problems-4175640263/

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