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Re: Upset with debian performance

On 10/13/18, deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> wrote:
> Mask The Truth God wrote:
>> I just got done doing a fresh install of debian 9.5 stable, I enjoyed it
>> at first and then followed instructions from long time debian users and
>> installed all of the necessary drivers and firmware ect....  after i got
>> everything installed it seemed to be working great untill I started up
>> firefox. This was one of the first major performance problems that came
>> about. Every time i would watch a youtube video or view a twitch stream
>> it
>> would work for a second  but then the video would glitch and skip around
>> along with audio glitching from seconds ago repeating itself. (more with
>> the live streams on twitch than the youtube videos but they still are
>> glitchy too but not as much as the twtich) Also in firefox every time i
>> scroll firefox would be  laggy and choppy. I then installed Opera to
>> check
>> and see if it was possibly caused by a corrupted firefox and opera
>> behaved
>> the exact same. The same choppy scrolling also happened when I installed
>> discord to the system when i would scroll in the discord chats. To rule
>> out the obvious here I have a well tested eithernet cable that works
>> great
>> with all my other systems so that is not the isssue.
> Did you try with firefox downloaded directly from mozilla?
> Did you try it with fresh user?

When Firefox Quantum first came out, I gave it a shot. Total fail. It
wouldn't even work to the point where it had a chance to eat up 6GB of
computer memory AND freeze my setup the way firefox-esr does/did.

You all chatted up Quantum on Debian-User about a month ago so I tried
it again out of pure boredom. :)

$ free -m
total       used    free     shared    buff/cache   available
Mem:     5905    3586    420         80    1899        1948
Swap:   2999    1977   1022

That's what I'm looking at right now. In my usage experience, those
numbers are AWESOME especially since it's been heavily used well over
24 hours straight now.

In recent past weeks, those numbers would read something like 100MB
free for "Mem" and maybe 89MB free for "Swap". For more perspective,
that would be the numbers after having already restarted the browser
at least once during this same time period.

TONS of webpages and websites visited. Over 730+ tabs still open and
waiting, if not having already been visited. It's the visited and thus
still actively "breathing" part that takes the bigger byte out of
memory *for me*.

As for/to using Quantum, it's what's on the front page if one blindly
surfs over to Mozilla with no previous knowledge or expectations. I've
read in a few places that Quantum's the inevitable in the same way
chatter says flash is on the way out the door and Buster is the
soon-to-be Stable.

I just tried to visit https://www.mozilla.org/ in hopes of sharing the
most internationally-friendly URI possible. Didn't happen. The page
understandably redirects to US English in my case:


After some slashdot feeling slowdowns that took multiple page
reloadings to work, I eventually maneuvered over to the following page
as a natural order of surfing through after that first prominent
download button:


This is Quantum's expressed "roadmap":


Sharing the roadmap as an afterthought FYI. It was the first thing
anywhere *online* that verified the version I'm using actually is
Quantum. Took a while to find that. It's my current, maybe four weeks'
experience that Quantum *is* a different product from its

And, yes, you *can* find the version by clicking the "hamburger" menu
> Help > About Firefox. Glass half full in momentarily forgetting that
super easy, nearly universal route is that Quantum's roadmap wouldn't
be sitting, breathing in yet another open tab waiting for its turn to
be read. :)

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with duct tape *

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