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Re: all files moved to lost+found

Le 11/10/2018 à 14:39, songbird a écrit :
Pascal Hambourg wrote:
Le 10/10/2018 à 23:17, songbird a écrit :
Pascal Hambourg wrote:
The most common reason is that the swap was reformatted by another
installation and its UUID changed. This cannot cause filesystem corruption.

    unless the user mistakenly reversed the partitions...

What do you mean ?

   if when the OP installed he mistakenly used the
file system directory of his home directories instead
of the swap partition.

   the UUID should not have changed...

I don't understand what you mean. The swap UUID changed. Not the /home UUID.

swap is always reformatted if used during an installation.

Are you sure all distributions do this ?

    we are on debian user here are we not?  the
OP is talking about debian.

We are talking about another installation. The other distribution may not be Debian.

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