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Re: What is Firefox on Debian Stretch nearest future?

I had similar problems with firefox being slow, it was mostly restricted
to some websites and it was related to how the rendering worked, very
long pages with lots of visual elements tended to make the scroll
extremely slow. Couple that with the fact that the content of the tabs
could crash the main UI and the whole experience would be pretty bad.

On 30/8/18 12:15 pm, Patrick Bartek wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Aug 2018 09:28:35 +0200
> Stefan K <shadow_7@gmx.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Debian will be upgrade to Firefox 60.2 esr.,it will be available at
>> 2018-09-05
>> [snip]
> I hope it's faster than the previous releases. It was/is dog slow.
> That's one of the reasons I switched to Firefox Quantum. Have had no
> problems with it running on either Wheezy or Stretch.
> FWIW: Chrome is my primary browser, but it is not compatible with some
> sites I frequent, but Quantum works fine on them.  ESR does, too, just
> slowly. 
> B

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