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Re: Can't install Debian without dedicated /boot partition


> I'm trying to install Debian Stretch with full disk encryption
> (LVM-on-LUKS). But when the installer is trying to install Grub in crashes
> with the following error message:
> ```
> Unable to install GRUB in dummy
> Executing 'grub-install dummy' failed.
> This is a fatal error.
> ```
> […]
> I'm able to install NixOS with GRUB without needing an separate /boot
> partition. So I believe it isn't a limitation in GRUB. Can't find any
> information in the documentation that says that a separate /boot partition
> is mandatory.

This message does not have to do anything with a /boot partition - where
your OS is isntalled does not matter for grub-install, grub-install only
intalls the bootloader part, either to MBR or to the EFI ESP partition. What
could happen if GRUB does not find your kernel image in /boot is that it
does not generate a GRUB record for it during update-grub, but it will not
cause the installation to fail.

That said, have you made sure to mount the EFI ESP partition as /boot/efi?

There are quite a few mentions of this error spread over all kinds of
distributions (just try asking your search engine of choice for
debian "grubd-install dummy"). E.g.:



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