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Re: Can't install Debian without dedicated /boot partition

Le 04/09/2018 à 13:50, Dominik George a écrit :

I'm trying to install Debian Stretch with full disk encryption
(LVM-on-LUKS). But when the installer is trying to install Grub in crashes
with the following error message:

Unable to install GRUB in dummy
Executing 'grub-install dummy' failed.

This is a fatal error.


This message does not have to do anything with a /boot partition - where
your OS is isntalled does not matter for grub-install, grub-install only
intalls the bootloader part, either to MBR or to the EFI ESP partition.

You should get some information about how GRUB is installed and works.
GRUB comes in two main parts :
- the core image in various locations (+ boot image in some boot sector for GRUB BIOS)
- the /boot/grub directory

GRUB EFI core image is written in the EFI system partition mounted on /boot/efi. /boot/grub is, well, wherever you or the distribution decide. It seems that some distributions copy a part or all of /boot/grub in the EFI system partition along with the core image, but Debian does not.

To make long story short : the Debian installer does not support an encrypted /boot. This requires to add GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y to /etc/default/grub, but the installer does not handle this. I am even surprised that the installer let you go past the partitioning stage with an encrypted /boot.

However you can finish the installation without installing GRUB and install it afterwards.

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