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Can't install Debian without dedicated /boot partition


I'm trying to install Debian Stretch with full disk encryption (LVM-on-LUKS). But when the installer is trying to install Grub in crashes with the following error message:

Unable to install GRUB in dummy
Executing 'grub-install dummy' failed.

This is a fatal error.

The disk is partitioned with an 512MiB (specified in bytes) EFI partition and the rest in an LUKS encrypted container. The container contains a LVM volume group with a swap partition and a root partition.

I'm able to install NixOS with GRUB without needing an separate /boot partition. So I believe it isn't a limitation in GRUB. Can't find any information in the documentation that says that a separate /boot partition is mandatory.

The ISO is written to the USB memory using Etcher with verification turned on. It was verified using SHA512 sums, which itself was verified with the GPG keys. I also ran the tool inside the Debian installer for verifying the installation media. The image I use is the netinstaller for Stretch (version 9.5).

Should I be able to install Debian Stretch without a separate /boot partition?

Thanks in advance!


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