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Re: [OT] Best (o better than yahoo) mail provider for malinglists

Francesco Porro <frapox@yahoo.it> writes:

> Sorry, I forgot to mention that I dont't want to run a mail server by
> myself.
> Only *free* mail services, please.

In that case, I recommend against all such services.

The cost of running a mail server that anyone can join for no fee,
practically requires that the operators must make lots of money
exploiting the email users.

So your options are:

* Pay for the valuable service of running an email system, with you as
  the customer, and with a direct interest in not screwing you over.

* Find someone you trust to never screw you over (maybe this is
  yourself), and get that person to put in lots of time and expertise
  operating a mail system indefinitely for you.

* Use a zero-fee email service that is practically guaranteed to exploit
  its users in many ways.

I strongly recommend against the third option.

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