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Re: KDE Bluedevil


When I try to pair a new device it fails with Bluedevil. I tried to
pair multiple devices. I installed GNOME Blueman and was able to pair
the devices. Now that the devices have been paired I can connect to
and disconnect from them with Bluedevil.


On 8/21/18, David Wright <deblis@lionunicorn.co.uk> wrote:
> On Mon 20 Aug 2018 at 20:12:57 (-0400), Timothy M Butterworth wrote:
>> In Debian 9.5 KDE Bluedevil is unable to add devices. Is their any fix
>> for this other then using GNOME Blueman tool.
> In the absence of other replies, can you explain what you mean by
> "add devices".
> I use bluetooth, bluez, bluez-tools and bluez-obexd for what I do,
> but that might not be all you and others do.
> Cheers,
> David.

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