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Lightening Hit screwed boot sequence on Stretch

I have a stock Stretch system actually with  a multiple boot to different hard drives via grub2. It has been running well for over a year even longer since I rebuilt with new Motherboard and upgraded from Debian 8.I am currently able to boot a Windows 10 drive and 2 Debian 9 drives. However the 3rd Debian 9 drive which is a server for a Mediawiki website will not boot properly. The weird thing is this occurred after we got a power surge that was not cancelled out completely by my filtering strips. (Yes I am ordering a UPS) Now the system gets to a point where it says it is trying to;  Started update UTMP about system runlevel changes.
 It locks up there and goes no further. I can start the boot sequence and get to a repair prompt as root in recovery mode. Problem is I have no knowledge of what to do there.  I do have full access to this disk from booting into one of the working drives. I just do not want to have to rebuild the entire database and Mediawiki server.
Any ideas, suggestions, tips whatever,  please pass them on to me. I think this is fixable, but have found nada on the web that seems exactly to apply.
John Foster

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