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Re: Lightening Hit screwed boot sequence on Stretch

On 08/21/2018 02:26 PM, J.W. Foster wrote:
I have a stock Stretch system actually with  a multiple boot to different hard drives via grub2. It has been running well for over a year even longer since I rebuilt with new Motherboard and upgraded from Debian 8.I am currently able to boot a Windows 10 drive and 2 Debian 9 drives. However the 3rd Debian 9 drive which is a server for a Mediawiki website will not boot properly. The weird thing is this occurred after we got a power surge that was not cancelled out completely by my filtering strips. (Yes I am ordering a UPS) Now the system gets to a point where it says it is trying to;  Started update UTMP about system runlevel changes.  It locks up there and goes no further. I can start the boot sequence and get to a repair prompt as root in recovery mode. Problem is I have no knowledge of what to do there.  I do have full access to this disk from booting into one of the working drives. I just do not want to have to rebuild the entire database and Mediawiki server. Any ideas, suggestions, tips whatever,  please pass them on to me. I think this is fixable, but have found nada on the web that seems exactly to apply.
John Foster

I think the very first thing I would do when in the recovery prompt is to use 'fsck' and see if there are errors (maybe something got corrupted) and go from there.

Also it could be that particular drive may be damaged from the power surge.

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