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Re: Data Recovery


On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 11:36:20AM -0500, Josh W. wrote:
> Hello World of Debian,
>             I was trying to setup a shared folder between my Debian Stretch
> system and my Raspberry Pi. I had created an "/export & /export/users
> directory" and had bound it to my "/home/users" directory. I had given up
> on the idea of sharing between the two OSes, because i was frustated and
> deleted my "/export/users" directory not thinking that it was still bound
> to my "/home/users" directory. When i deleted the "/export/users" directory
> it took my "/home/users" directory with it. So my question is, How can i
> recovery the lost data. What would be the best route to take in order to
> recover my personal files? Your help is Very Much Needed!

1) Immediately shut down Raspberry Pi.

2) Make block-level image copy of SD card. Do not do the following on SD
card itself!

3) Mount a filesystem from said copy on a Debian PC (can be substituted
with any GNU/Linux PC).

4) Install testdisk on a Debian PC.

5) Run photorec as root on a filesystem from pt 3.

6) Consider doing regular filesystem backups in the future, preferably
automatic ones.


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