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Re: mailing list vs "the futur"

Erik Christiansen wrote:
> On 10.08.18 11:46, Dan Purgert wrote:
>> Rich Kulawiec wrote:
>> To expand on that with my own personal prejudice -- the people using
>> these "sub-par" tools are also the ones who're the cause of some of the
>> existent (modern?) problems with mailing lists.
>> Namely:
>>  - HTML Messages
>>  - Not wrapping messages at ~80 characters
>>  - top posting
> It is easy to delete posts so egregiously presented that reading them is
> too much trouble. (When I return from a week out in the country, every
> month, there's usually over 1200 emails waiting - down to half that after
> procmail has done some weeding. So a post should also chop out all
> quoted text not explicitly related to the reply, if it is to be read in
> the time which can be given to it.)

Yeah, and if we all do that, the people who don't know any better don't
get any help. :)

Not that I don't delete (or otherwise outright ignore) the exceptionally
bad mails.

>> Guess I'm not a "serious" email user then.  Half the time I'm still
>> using Tbird.
> Having moved to mutt between 15 & 20 years ago, I've found it powerful
> and highly configurable. It'll see me out.

I have it for my "main" email account - but still use tbird for
alternate accounts.  It's just "easier" to see all the mail there.  That
being said, I have taken steps to make tbird behave properly.

>> Not familiar with procmail.  A quick perusal of the manpage seems to
>> indicate this is a local mail "processor" for sorting things, as opposed
>> to say something on the mailserver itself?
> Yup. Details on how to direct its filtering/distribution are in the
> procmailrc manpage. Its development stabilised some time ago, and those
> of us who use it are very content with that.

So, if I'm understanding you correctly, it'd end up doing the same
thing as sieve is already doing on the mailserver (or perhaps a
secondary pass for things sieve missed).

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