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Re: mailing list vs "the futur"

On Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 06:05:41PM +0000, tech wrote:
> ... and why not ?
> As an example, with a bugzilla, you dont have to dig in n*thousands of "unread" mails,. You can organized, have a clear view with a dashboard... and so on.
> And bugzilla is just one possibility.

Are you aware that bugs.debian.org exists already?

> Since augusth 1st:
> I received around 12 familly mails, 62 pro-mails, 147 spam/pishing/bullshit mails
> Between all the debian mails list who exist, i receives  also 168 emails.
> I have maybee read 20 of them, and deleted all the others...

I get more mail than that before breakfast. If you've got the
right tools, it's easy to deal with.

1. Spam filter. Spamassassin is good. If you can add greylisting
to your mail server, you should try that, too.

2. Automatic mail folders. The only mail that ends up in your
inbox should be mail that your ruleset is not certain about.
Each mailing list should get its own folder. Maildrop is easy
to learn.

3. Indexed mail searching. Whatever works with your preferred
mail client. Have cron run a re-index every morning before you
wake up.

4. Mail threading in your mail client. If it doesn't do threads
properly, time to change clients. I like mutt.

> I have sent the following emails, received zero anwsers. With a "modern" system like a bugzilla/forum/tracker/else and their moder options, i can know how many peoples have read it ( 23 answer for 9876 readsfor example ) ... with the mailings list, how many people took relly the time to read it ( as i direct-delete most of he amils i receive ) ...

Who cares who read your mail? Only the answers are important.

> with your "no" spirit, we would still have an horse and wagon like my old-old-old grandpa !

This isn't "No", this is "Why are you insisting on the
superiority of a tack hammer in all circumstances when we have a variety
of tools available? Including a torque-calibrated power driver
that works much better on the bolts you are trying to hammer."


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