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Re: debian-user over NNTP: linux.debian.user (was mailing list vs "the futur")

Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> Hi,
> I really really want to abstain from that thread. So a new one:
> Gene Heskett wrotei in 'mailing list vs "the futur"':
>> [...] NNTP [...]
>> To fully support it needs 2000 times the bandwidth of an email server.
> But not because of the transport protocoli or message format. NNTP belongs
> to the same breed of reasonably concise protocols as the mail protocols
> POP3 and SMTP. The message formats too are very similar: A list of header
> lines and a message body.
> [...]
>   linux.debian.user
> which should be on most news servers (because it is of modest size).

Yeah, well, least it's on eternal-september (my NNTP provider). I doubt
they're the most active, but the service is free, and good enough for my

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