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Re: Using Sid (was: New `no sound' problems)

Joe wrote:

> Having said that, I don't think I've had more sound problems with my
> sid workstations than with my stable server. Sound is generally a pig
> on Linux, as the software base seems to change every few years, and
> until recently, multiple sound cards had the same problem as multiple
> NICs in that the OS couldn't seem to identify them reliably. I've
> solved most of my sound problems by getting brutal and actually ripping
> out and blacklisting drivers for the sound devices I'm not using.
> Nothing less seemed to permanently solve the identity crisis.

for my workstation (I want to turn it on and just work), I use stable. For
my server(s) the same. IMO Sid belongs in a VM for playing arround.
If you want to be one step ahead of time, try testing it is usually stable.

If you don't read/write code, I don't see why someone would use unstable. As
I mentioned ubuntu is much better to take in such a case (Not a developer,
but want to be ahead of debian time)

Regarding the sound - I never had a problem in the past 12+ years. Why?
Because I did configure the system properly and I use stable. So instead
of "getting brutal" you could setup your system properly and forget about
the issues.

One bad thing that people do is the install things on the production system
just to try them out. Take a second system - or a second drive - or a
second installation on the same driver. Test there and move to the working
environment, when you are sure it works.
With other works make backups before doing something on your production


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