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Using Sid (was: New `no sound' problems)

Curt <curty@free.fr> writes:

> On 2018-08-07, deloptes <deloptes@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Curt wrote:
>>> He means it's self-explanatory given you're using testing and when using
>>> testing shit happens (things break)
>> its not even testing it is sid - as far as I know it is after testing and
>> there even more shit happens, so I don't understand why he/she should
>> bother us or we should bother answering.
>> This definitely is not a user query but rather something that goes to
>> package/support etc.
> Right, sorry, Sid is unstable not testing, which is even more
> "self-explanatory."

deloptes, Curt, I understand what you say so that I'm considering downgrading
to Stable.  Nevertheless, I'm not sure that the debian-user list should not
discuss problems arising from the use of Sid.  After all, my recent experience
with Sid and two problems coming up: `no sound' and `su/sudo', gave birth and
occasion for an interesting discussion with a lot of passionate users taking
part to it (the `su/sudo' one).  Discussions that turn to be useful and
clarifying also for Stable of course.  Secondarily, what is important I think
to point out is the fact that I've been using Sid for may years now - I that am
not expert at all - and, after all, the problems that I've had using Sid were
of minor issue.  Consider for example these two latest: the `no sound' problem
were easily solved simply removing pulseaudio, and the `su/sudo' one was just a
matter of doing, since now on, `su -' in place of `su': not a big one.

Thanks, cheers, 


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